The investigation team prepares an investigation report that includes a description of how the accident happened, the factors leading up to it and its consequences, as well as the investigation team's proposed improvements to traffic safety.

The investigation report contains no identifiable data about the accident or the people or vehicles involved in it. Upon completion, the investigation report becomes a public document. Other investigation documents prepared during the work are, however, confidential. OTI archives the investigation reports and the related documents.

OTI assembles the accident material into an accident information register. The data contained in the register is used annually in the following publications:

  • a summary report on fatal road accidents
  • a preliminary report on fatal alcohol-related road accidents
  • a preliminary report on fatal road accidents, three times a year

The content of the accident information register may be used for scientific and statistical research and various needs of the authorities. Summaries and a variety of data stripped of all identification information are also used for other traffic safety purposes.